Privacy Policy

Through its website, Clinique Dentaire Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts collects some personal information.

The clinic is committed to ensuring the protection of your personal information and invites you to review this privacy policy.

Automatically Collected Personal Information

By connecting to our website, certain personal information is exchanged between your computer and our server. This exchange is necessary for the data on our site to be properly communicated to the computer equipment you are using. This personal information is retained by the clinic only for technical and statistical purposes related to the performance of our website.

The information collected includes:

  • The domain name of your internet service provider.
  • Your IP address.
  • Your browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
  • Your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.).
  • The date and time of your visit.
  • The internet pages viewed.

Use of Connection Cookies

The clinic does not permanently retain any connection cookies. Only a temporary connection cookie is used during your visit to our site to improve the performance of certain features present on it.

You have the option to disable your connection cookies via your web browser. However, this deactivation may restrict certain features of our website.

Personal Information Voluntarily Transmitted by Email or Form

The personal information that you voluntarily communicate to us by email or through the contact form on our website, such as your name and email address, will only be used to allow clinic staff to respond to you or follow up on your request and will not be retained.

Confidentiality Commitment

All clinic employees have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Responsible for the Privacy Policy

For any questions regarding this policy or any complaints regarding its non-compliance, please contact Dr. Antoine Chammas, the person in charge of the protection of personal information, in writing at .

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